Vehicle Durability Services

In 1984, Sycron began offering Vehicle Test Services to Automotive OEM's and Suppliers. The company now provides Durability and Field Testing,  Powertrain, Chassis, Seat Comfort Development, “End of Line” Quality Assessments, Vehicle Acquisition,  Ride/Event Management, and Vehicle/Component Development services to assist clients in their product requirements.  

Sycron’s trained staff of professionals work with you as a team to achieve your event goals and objectives. Sycron offers: Development Engineers, Ride/Event Managers, 5%/50%, and 95% Anthropometric Ride Evaluators, Administrative Support, Data/Material Analysts, Test and Development Technician Support.  Sycron has developed accelerated test plans to shorten the automotive product development cycle. We offer Continuous Shared Fleet Durability as well as Dedicated Testing. Frequently, dedicated testing is required to provide higher severity, custom test specifications, total test control, or meet special needs.  

Our Team will plan and execute development rides for any of these requirements:

Seat Comfort Evaluation and Development

Ergonomic/Human Factors Evaluation and Development

Ride and Handling Development

Vehicle Systems Optimization

Competitive Product Evaluation/Rating

Performance Evaluation and Development

Customer Clinic for Product Evaluation

Production Signoff

Quality Assessment Drives

Customer Complaint Duplication/Evaluation

Product Design/Engineering Change Evaluation and Signoff

Advertising/Marketing Shoots

Four season, year round, accelerated mileage accumulation 

Low cost  Shared Testing

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